€1030 - €2405

Practice Set D

Basic Configuration including bag, standard bellows and hardwood chanter (inc. reed) with a stainless steel head.          €1030

Practice Set C

Basic Configuration including bag, standard bellows and hardwood chanter (inc. reed) with a stainless steel head.          €1230


Fitted Keys                                         €135 each

Chanter Head Stopkey                     €150

Velvet Bag Cover                              €150

Velvet Bellows Cover                        €140

Hardwood Chanter Head                 €150 extra

Premium Bellows with stainless

steel hinge and upholstered pads   €200 extra

Half Set D

€3560 - €4825(Case not included)

Half set is the Practice Set above with Tenor, Baritone and Bass Drones added. It also includes the stock to which they are attached.

Full Set D

€6660 - €8175 (Case not included)

Full Set of Uilleann Pipes in D

Chanter D

€650 - €1625

Chanters available in African Blackwood and Lignum Vitae generally. Chanter head can be of matching hardwood or stainless steel with an optional stop key. Up to five keys available for the chanter. Includes reed.

Chanter Popping Valve


A stylish and highly functional addition to any chanter, this popping valve will give years of reliable service.



Set of  Concert Pitch Tenor, Baritone and Bass drones including the stock.

Regulators for 3/4 Set


Tenor and Baritone Regs for D set.

Regulators for Full Set

€3100 - €3350

Regulators for a Full D Set which include Tenor, Baritone and Bass. The Bass Reg can be purchased with either the more common straight tube that extends above your elbow, or with the Taylor style return unit that returns over the stock. This unit costs an extra €350.



Solid stocks in various woods and in aluminium core to order. Straight and airtight. Price below is supply only of our standard stock. We will be happy to discuss fitting to your existing set.


€340 - €690

Sturdy but beautiful, the bellows is available in Standard and Premium versions, and with or without a velvet cover.


€170 (purchase) - €375 (inc chanter, stock and bellows connectors fitted)

Bags are of supple, airtight leather and are available with or without velvet cover. Chanter and bellows connectors supplied and fitted @ €65 each. Stock cup supplied and fitted @ €75 each

Chanter and Regulator Reeds


Reeds for D Chanters and Regulators made to order.

Drone Reeds


Reeds for D Drones made to order.

Pipes Case


Strong Black Plastic case. Measures 880mm long X 290mm wide. Available in 125mm and 140mm deep.

I drove a 4 wheel drive jeep over my own case, with the pipes in it,  and still use it (the case) to this day. Rigorous testing indeed at O Riabhaigh Pipes.

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