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Terms and Conditions


O Riabhaigh Instruments will always endeavour to conduct its business in a professional, friendly and fair manner and to have the interests of its customer at heart. However, the following terms and conditions apply to all sales and repairs and should be studied. Please feel free to discuss any of the included with us by email.



A minimum deposit of 10% is payable at time of ordering. This deposit is non-refundable. The amount of deposit is subject to change and is totally at the discretion of O Riabhaigh Instruments. 


All work must be paid for in full and cleared, if necessary, before it leaves the workshop.


Electronic payments will be deemed complete only when funds have arrived in the agreed account of O Riabhaigh Instruments. Customers should note that transfer of funds electronically can take several days.


Goods must be paid for in full on, or before, the agreed shipping/collection date, as determined by O Riabhaigh Instruments.  Failure to comply may result in the termination of the agreement and forfeiture of any deposit. Storage of any purchases beyond the agreed collection date is solely at the discretion of O Riabhaigh Instruments and may incur fees. IMPORTANT: Your instrument is not insured for storage beyond the agreed collection date. O Riabhaigh Instruments accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage to, or theft of any item beyond this date. 


All deliveries are made at the expense, and sole risk of the customer. Insurance on goods, and it’s inclusion in the shipping operation, is the sole responsibility of the customer.


Deliveries and shipping costs must be paid for in full, and cleared, prior to leaving O Riabhaigh Instruments.


All instruments made by O Riabhaigh Instruments are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for a minimum of 2 years. While we undertake to repair or replace faulty items within a reasonable time, such undertaking is at the discretion of O Riabhaigh Instruments. 


Faults must be reported in writing and/or email to O Riabhaigh Instruments immediately. This report date will determine how much of the 2 year guarantee remains.


While every effort will be made to deliver ordered goods on time (the date being agreed upon payment of deposit), O Riabhaigh Instruments reserves the right to extend this date as circumstances demand.

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