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some words  from a few satisfied clients

Having just received a chanter made by Eoin I have to confirm his work is excellent. The tone of his chanter is exceptional. All of that and he is also a very nice person to deal with. Nothing but praise for him.

Trevor Paterson


I highly recommend Eoin O Riabhaigh to anyone who is considering purchasing a set of pipes. Eoin's fine craftsmanship is easy to see on my half set of pipes. They look and sound beautiful, and I am always proud whenever I show them off to friends, family, and fellow pipers. Not only is Eoin a master craftsman and musician, but he also provides great customer service. He responds promptly to all of my messages and has been very helpful providing me with tips and advice regarding maintenance. As a new piper, I feel lucky to have such a great set of pipes to learn on. I am looking forward to a lifetime of playing these beautiful pipes! 


Mike Joyce

Cincinnati, OH

An interesting aspect of pipe making is constant development and innovation. This has to be done with due respect for the traditional qualities of the instrument. There are opportunities in materials, techniques and design. When the right choices are made, a wonderful perfection of tone, functionality and good looks emerges. None of this happens by accident. Knowledge, skill and taste are not gained overnight. 

Eoin Ó Riabhaigh is a master craftsman and a master piper. The son of a piper, he grew up with the instrument and is steeped in every nuance of the art and tradition of piping and pipe making. His respect for and knowledge of the instrument is coupled with outstanding technical ability. He takes pride and pleasure in his work, and it shows.

I went to Eoin last year to get my old set repaired. I have been playing the pipes since 1962 and never thought of buying a new set. That changed when I heard and saw the outstanding quality of his work. I took delivery of my new Ó Riabhaigh set in time to play at my daughter’s wedding. It is beautiful in every way and much admired.  

He also kindly undertook the daunting task of refurbishing my dilapidated Harrington flat set which had been silent for years. There were many problems to be solved but to my great satisfaction he tamed and restored this cranky old instrument.

Liam Collins, Cork

AntonMarco with his new Full Set of O Riabhaigh Pipes
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Eoin O’ Riabhaigh’s pipes are as phenomenal as his playing.  The quality of workmanship is remarkable, with fine attention paid to not only the beauty of line in the chanter and the bellows, but also the comfort of the chanter; the clever layout of the keys makes playing the chromatic notes much easier than on any other chanters, and the holes seem perfectly suited to the hand.  I have proudly showed my pipes to many fine pipers including Joey Abarta and Blackie O’Connell, and they are all very impressed by the sound and design of the pipes.  Practicing them is a joy that I look forward to every day.  I feel remarkably lucky to have a set of Eoin's pipes.

Dr. Shelly Tramposh

Associate Professor of Viola

String Area Coordinator

Crane School of Music

Potsdam, NY 13676


Hi Eoin
I can't say enough good things about the full set you made for me.
I almost get as much pleasure looking at your precision work as I do playing them.
I can't leave them down..
 They're a joy to play and beautiful to see.

Thanks for all your help
Wally Desmond

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