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The Chanter

Please click on image for larger view.

Chanters are available with or without keys. I generally recommend that practice chanters would include, at least, a Cnat key, as this is a very commonly used key even in the early stage of playing. I do, however, make keyless chanters to order. So the choice ranges from keyless to fully keyed, which includes the following; Fnat, Gsharp, Bflat, Cnat and Csharp. All keys are stainless steel and all blocks, upon which the keys are mounted, are sleeved with either stainless steel or brass. This greatly reduces the looseness associated with the operation of the key over time.

You will see from the slide show on the left that the lines of the chanter differ from the ubiquitous shape we have come to expect from the vast majority of instruments. This style is loosely based on the old Taylor design and offers the ultimate in style and functionality.

The chanter will come with a matching head in a choice of stainless steel or hardwood.

The chanter will include a fitted and tuned reed. Video samples of chanters in D and C available here.

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