The Popping Valve


The popping valve is a fitting, attached to the bottom of the chanter, that replaces the leather popping strap or "piper's apron". The valves were quite common on old sets and these ones are loosely based on the Taylor design. The valve seals the bottom of the chanter (low D note) when resting on the knee.

An airtight seal here is critical, most especially for sounding the second octave easily and reliably. 

Three advantage of the popping valve over the strap are;

1. It's always there when you need it. No losing it, searching or slipping off your knee.

2. 100% reliable airtightness no matter the angle of the chanter, which can change dramatically especially when playing the regulators.

3.  The valve aperture is adjustable and can be used to help tune the bottom D.


Available in stainless steel and in brass

Standard ferrule length is 33mm

Minimum ferrule length is 21mm

Standard overall length is 42 approx

Only 37 grams or less in weight

Standard internal diameter of ferrule is 17.7mm

Standard outside diametre of ferrule in 20mm

Opening adjustable from 0 - 18mm at its widest point

Tuning adjustment of approx 25cent between closed and open,  where both extremes have an  acceptable tone.

Leather seat with high density foam padding ensures rugged 100% airtightness.

Tested rigorously over many hours of session playing with zero issues.

Airtight, comfortable and reliable.

We are happy to discuss customising the valve to suit your particular chanter. If your existing ferrule is too short, we may be able to shorten your mount or replace it with a new shorter one to suit.

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