The Bellows


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O Riabhaigh bellows combine durability, airtightness and stylish craftsmanship to produce a functional item of unrivaled beauty.

The wood used varies. I use walnut, beech and mahogany amongst others, but whatever is used will be hardwearing, stable and beautiful. A generous amount of high quality varnish ensures a long lasting finish.

The leather is soft, supple and airtight.

The pads, back and front, are upholstered to the wood cheeks of the bellows and retained with inlaid stainless steel trim. I use upholstery grade velvet.

A strong but attractive looking stainless steel hinge ensures strength and durability over many years of use, and also keeps the cheeks parallel to one another during operation - yielding the most productivity per stroke.

Bellows can be purchased with or without velvet covers.

This robustly built, airtight bellows will certainly enhance your piping experience.

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