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As part of my support system, I am offering customers the opportunity to contact me, through the Zoom Clinic, to discuss any issues they may have with their pipes or their piping. This might include issues like tuning, reed issues, upgrading queries and any question on piping techniques etc. It is not intended as an online pipes class - there are loads of them online, with which I do not want to compete, but I am here to help if I can. Users can contact me weekly on Tuesday evenings from 8.00pm to 8.45pm Irish Time.

Please email me through this site with a quick description of your issue/topic and I will allocate you a time slot. I will then issue you with the invitation by email at the appropriate time. You do not need to have Zoom on your device - just click on the link I email you. Currently, the sessions are on an individual basis. Depending on demand and users preferences, it may develop into a multi-user forum environment.

My customers will have priority in this service, but, if time allows, I am happy to help others also.

I'm looking forward to putting faces and sounds to some of my many customers around the globe.

This is a free service BTW.


Book a zoom chat

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